Kuriosity is a multidisciplinary media production company, founded by Alexandra Stark, a Munich based filmmaker, photographer, and stop-motion enthusiast in practice.

The idea behind kuriosity stems from an insatiable desire to work within a broad range of disciplines, techniques, media and art forms and therefore to not be tied down by a specific medium, but rather choose an approach that seems most suitable for the topic, may that be animation, fiction or documentary. Kuriosity is interested in emotionally grabbing stories that portray social issues in a visually and narratively interesting way while giving people a voice that might otherwise be denied one and with that contribute to the wider discussions about representation and equality in our society.

After several years of professional experience Alexandra took the plunge and went back to university to study film in 2018, to finally be able to switch her professional life into a direction that is more closely alligned with her passions and interests. During her time at university she produced, wrote, edited and filmed several short films and promotional videos. She was also able to use her professional experience as a cinema manager to organise weekly film screenings which focused on independent films by mostly underrepresented voices which contributed to deepening the discussions around film as an art form and filmmaking itself within the student body.

In June 2021 she graduated from the University of Brighton with a first class honours degree in Film and has since returned to southern Germany where she has been working on several photography and video projects, due to be released.

So, if you find yourself in the need for a creative and well-organised mind on your project, do get in touch via e-mail to discuss details.